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One of the main reasons you seek the support of someone like Kathleen and a mental health support group is because you want someone who knows and understands the day to day struggles, won’t minimize the pain or offer spiritual answers that don’t truly address the problem. Kathleen knows her material and is clear in communicating the information. She is a wise guide who has walked the journey and will offer both her wisdom and her heart. 

Kathleen Reaser, you have been such an enormous blessing to me! I think about how your words kept me steady so many times. You were one of the handful of powerful voices God used to keep me right side up at the most critical times. 
Thank you for taking the time to be there for me in prayers and encouragement that made a real difference in my life!! 
It will always be unforgettable!
I appreciate you more than words! I have no doubt that others will be greatly encouraged by having you in their lives as encourager and guide!

Debi J Pitts, MA, MEd, LPC
Professional Therapist

Autumn Crary
Professional Therapist

Denise R. Espino, M.S., LPC-S

Kathleen Reaser is an experienced leader who is comfortable facilitating with a group of people or with an individual on their own. She is a good listener who also invites and encourages growth and change within a safe environment, and, within a time frame that best suits those with whom she is working, encouraging and leading. She trusts God's timing and dealings in each life depending on the Holy Spirit's guidance when providing direction. Kathleen is trustworthy, dependable, encouraging, and gifted in helping others reach their potential.

“As a result of time spent with Kathleen,
 I have aspired to delve into the Word and advance my own walk with Christ.”

Kathleen and I have had the pleasure of serving in a Christian laycare counseling ministry together for over three years. As a supervisor, I witnessed firsthand the amount of effort, attention, and spiritual commitment she offers when working with God's children. She has a true and genuine heart to advance and encourage the relationship others have with and in Christ. Kathleen is an avid teacher at heart, diligent servant of Christ, and loves to encourage in prayer. As a result of time spent with Kathleen, I have aspired to delve into the Word and advance my own walk with Christ. 

Sarah Almendariz Rivera,
LPC-SLPC-SProfessional Therapist

 “…always ready to encourage, listen and lead a discussion so that we each grow in our spirit and heart. Kathleen is a pleasure to study and learn with.” 

Thank you for your gentle encouragement.
You have a very calming voice and speak with a gentle authority.

We all have a story to tell but actually writing it down on paper has always been a challenge for me. 
With the guidance and support of the Uniquely You! Writing Your Story Journal by Kathleen Reaser, I have been able to begin to write my story. A story that once written, I will share with the world. Thank you, Kathleen, for helping me figure out who I am!

“I love your nuggets of knowledge. They really resonate with me”

Natalie L.

Joy P.

Shelley O.

Nichole L.P.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS?? I have a whole pile of notebooks and journals to juggle all my thoughts, reflections, writing, and plans!
Last night I was having a hard time going to sleep because there are just so many moving parts to my life right now, and so many things that need to happen. Then this morning I pulled out the journal that my friend, Kathleen, published (pictured below). It’s called Expressions of Heart: Optimize Your Day and it was SO helpful to me this morning! 
It helped me sort through the jumbled, everything-is-urgent to do list in my head and figure out which things were really the priority items. If you are looking for something to help you actually take the crazy list in your head and make a plan, in addition to helping you track the scriptures you are reading, things you are grateful for, and the self-care habits you are working on - I highly recommend this journal!

I had the privilege and honor to study the Bible and Christian courses with Kathleen Reaser. She is always ready to encourage, listen and lead a discussion so that we each grow in our spirit and heart. Kathleen is a pleasure to study and learn with, as there will be no judgment or shame in where you are in your walk with the Lord.

Amy N.

Natalie L. 

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